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Max Peezay - Boven i dramat…
(released one week ago - the world belongs to us!)

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..will arrive soon
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hello my little sugarpies.…

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It's March again!
The transition month between winter and spring is here! You see pale faces and shy eyes starts peeking out under their big coats, caps and scarfs.. go towards the warm light! Earlier this week i even saw a guy dressed in nothing but a pair of shorts, running shoes and a walkman jogging slowly out of the subway gates while clapping his hands above his head. I mean that's gotta be a sign! I'm pretty sure he was insane though, as it's still around 0C degrees up here, but still an assuring sight =]

New Art:
A collab with Keith Kosmal has been on my to do list for ages it seems. Last week i finally got around to finalize one with him. Go and check the result out over at his page:…

Out of Obscurity by Genesis-Orbit Out of Obscurity by Genesis-Orbit Out of Obscurity by Genesis-Orbit Out of Obscurity by Genesis-Orbit

New web:
As some of you have seen my website have had a v2 comming soon page loading since september..? Damn i've been really lazy on that end. I've done about five (..or is it six?) new versions since then, but as soon as i've come close to finalize anything i've been pulled away from it, grown tired of the new one and promised myself i'd make a better one next weekend. Anyway, now i've decided that the need is starting to catch up on me. So i've started to finalize a new (7th?) version. However this wont be a new version of 1000needles, but a whole new domain and layout. I'll report back soon with launchdates and the new adress etc.
Oh so very exciting =]

Thank you:
I'm watching with big eyes how the pageview meter's closing in on the 100 thousand mark, amazing!
I remember seeing people around here with that many vists and thought that was an unreachable number for a guy like me. A big thanks to all of you beautiful lazers for the shown support! :thumbsup:

I've been home for a little over a year now, so i pulled a few shots together in a little photosheet in rememberance of those golden days we had in Australia 05-06 =]

Music genre of the week: Reggae/Ska
Got anything tasty in this genre, spit it out!

take it easy friends!


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Happy new '07 guys and gals!

I hope you all had a good new years eve and that all of your limbs are still sitting where they should be.
I spent mine in Prague this year. Lovely city, lovely food and beer and damn nice prices.
Gotta say the beauty of the city was what i was the most impressed by. I just love those old 16-17 century european buildings, like we have here in Gamla Stan in Stockholm, and Prague is almost just one big Gamla Stan..  though more striking ofcourse.
We had a great time anyway, and really spoiled ourselves with top of the line food and beer. And i can't get those cute bohemian girls out of my mind still, something magic about them i'm sure.

Anyway, let's hear yours! Were you at home/away/floating in a drunken haze/etc..

There's some new stuff coming out real soon, a little later than i expected in the last journal, but just sit tight folks.


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Hello people.
Long time no words.
Just felt like typing a few lines here to let yous know i'm still puffin'.

Some thoughts/Annual winter rant
I'm reminiscing alot during this darkgrey time of the year. Tripping away in my mind to better days and places. I get a little melodramatic and sentimental so forgive me. But  i feel so tucked in and closed up in coates and scarfs, like in some kind of winter coma, passive you know.
People are so helplessly getting more stressed up and tense, everyone's staring straight ahead, minding their own, listening to their mobile /slash/ mp3 players from different brands but with the same songs. Subway passengers are the worst, they wont budge for anything. Father christmas himself could walk in there and flash his snowy white pubes without anybody caring, or wanting to care because they're too busy looking at their neutral spot on the advertisement ahead.
I can't be the only one not feeling that warm christmas spirit. But wait, oh yeah christmas is for the kids right. Yeah it's for the sweet little kids, they're so cute....and yeah for the fatbottomed company man cashing in the big buck on christmas eve too, he's so adorable.
What am i doing anyway? I hate this fucking time of the year. And bring me some damn snow, fucking global warming grrrrrrr...*PING*

What annoys me the most is that i get so caught up with all this..crap. I should just let it slide but instead i get completely consumed by it. I'm really all for the whole pro-life way of thinking, sunny side up! You shouldn't let small things bother you so smile you beautiful bastards!


When all else fails, turn to art.
I've got 3 newly completed works sitting in my finished folder, ready to tickle you in that very special place.. also got a fourth one on the way, but all in soon time ;]

I got my first real magazine feature in the mail a couple of days ago.
I was given 8 pages + frontcover and an interview in a taiwanese Graphic Design & Lifestyle magazine. They really let the images speak in this magazine, check out some photos here

Well my version deux of is still in the process, i just need to find some time to organize and code the thing, and i really need to stop making changes to the design, been getting too many mood swings lately. But yeah, it's coming around quite nicely =]

Just finished watching "Renaissance". A movie you might remember reading about in the contest held here at DA a while ago with the same name. A very nicely done black & white animation, and quite the intriguing story, definatly worth seeing.
Check it out here for more info.

My playlists are getting boring again. Need some fresh sound.
I recieved an old <a href=">Efterklang</a> ep a couple of days ago, a band that keeps my eardrums dancing in bittersweetness. Really lovely sound.
But yeah if you've got some good kept secrets you feel like sharing then by all means go ahead, im opened to most genres..

That about wraps it up! Take care people. And oh, almost 80.000 views! Sweet matilda.. Thanks for all the great support my superheroes and -ettes
love is all

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You walk up to her, ask her to dance.
She says: hey baby, I just might-take-the-chance.
You say: It's a good thing.. that-you-float-in-the-aairrrrr...
that way there's no way I will crush your pretty toenails into-a-thousand-pieces....

hello kids, mind checkin out the new depthcore website
Sign up for an account and contribute to the community

More things comin up soon.

As always i'm very happy for all your great support, keep on rocking brothers and sisters!

Here are some old and new tunes i'm in love with at the moment and just felt like sharing, feel free to give me some music tips if you got any good ones you think i might like :] Im open to most genres..

►Anna Ternheim: Girl lying low
►Broken Social Scene: 7/4 Shoreline, Cause=Time, KC Accidental, Superconnected.. (infact all of them is fucking great)
►Christian Kjellvander: Stum Mountain Man
►Embassy: Some indulgence
►Interpol: Narc
►Laleh: Salvation
►Lemon Jelly: Stay with you
►Midlake: Roscoe
►Moneybrother: Blow him back into my arms
►Röyksopp: Only this moment
Peter Bjorn & John (with Victoria Bergsman): Young folks
►The Flaming Lips: Race for the price (remix)
►The Knife: Silent shout
►The Magic Numbers: It wont hurt, Forever Lost
►Tiger Lou: The Loyal, All i have
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Copied out of Justins' (ekud) journal

Sadly, is down.

We have had to physically disconnect the site due to unresolvable phishing issues. This is certainly not a permanent measure, as we are aiming to relocate to a brand new, dedicated server of our very own.

However, this plan is flawed by the unavoidable fact that we are poor. dC is kept up by member donations, and at the moment we are well short of the amount we need. Hence, I'm doing something I hoped I'd never need to do, and publically asking for help.

If you ever appreciated the art or effort we put forth at depthCORE, we could really use your support. There are plans in place to make sure that this never happens again, but before they can be implemented, we need to get the site uprighted.

If you can spare some financial aid, please click HERE. Please spread the word, feel free to copy and paste this journal wherever you see fit.

Please add THIS IMAGE to your favourites to spread the word

Your support will be more than appreciated.
- Justin Maller
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  • Reading: Erland Loe - Doppler
  • Watching: the days go by.........
Hello gang

I've fixed the photosection of my website, the first flicker-thing i used was crap, so hopefully this one works better.

And thanks to jeff/khaoticstorm I've also managed to put up some ultra relaxing background sound through Flash for you all to enjoy while visiting (loading time is a bitch tho, bare with it).

Been a little busy latly with work and all, but its starting to come around now and as im gettin more spare time i'll try to get something up here for you guys. Its not easy motivating yourself to sit alone inside when the whole world is smiling and waring short-shorts outside. Bah, anyways i have a few pieces that's been in the process for a while and will probably come out anytime soon now as i get more relieved of work.

As always very happy for the support, you're all made of stars!

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  • Watching: Airwolf

Go treat yourself to a multiple mind orgasm :) doitnow!

DC 25 FREESTYLE 2 is a great release and one of the best up to date in my oppinion. Unfortunatly i couldn't contribute full out on this one.
Main reason for that i think is [ t h i s ]. Check it out, my first serious attempt at a online showcase for myself. As u might see, my coding skills aren't really what you'd call excellnt.. but atleast i tried ;) Wish i knew some flash or something funny...
Anyway lots of stuff goin now people, love the support its awesome, take care, and shine the fuck on you crazy lasers..!

Now i need to go practise my numchuck skills, so if u excuse me...


:pointr: MИS´´

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:: pm :: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I've joined the freethinking, freshstylin, freedomfighters over at depthCORE
Check out their mighty CALIBRE its better than sundaymorningsex!

I've also joined arbetsförmedlingen =]

:: props :: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Its been a wave of attention around me lately.. +30 000 views!! herrejävlarrr!.. i cant answer all your comments as you would understand, but i do read them all and they're all very appreciated. So i just wanted to give a shout out to all you great supporters.



You are raining in
I can't escape that feeling
You're dripping into the buckets i have placed
Where damage isn't already done

I saw you on bus 15
Heading north to take the train
Everyone looks the same
Still we have different names..thats wicked baby

The Radio Dept - Where damage isn't already done

:: hot prints :: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Kaos Theory by moodSwing08 ' All the children are insane by moodSwing08 ' fly away by moodSwing08 ' soundwall by moodSwing08 ' e v i L by moodSwing08
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нзllo °°¹

Well for those of you who haven't noticed i'm back from australia, man a year sure runs fast when ur having fun. And fun i've had; it's been everything from cars breaking down in the outback desert to swimming in the rainforest or swimming by remote waterfalls or with dolphins or after countless failed attempts catching a big wave on your surfboard.
Diving the great barrier reef and the yongala wreck being the best of my experiences, jumping out of a plane from 12000ft was pretty sweet too.
NZ was just crazy beautiful, the mountains and the lakes, no wonder they shot the LOTHR movies there, its sooo diverse and soo crazy beautiful!

It's good to come back tho and see the riends and family again and all the things i've missed, allthough its a 40 degrees celsius adjustment for me to come back to Sweden from there (i need new shoes).
So the question "what are you gonna do now?" have been popped a few 1000 times from most ppl i've talked to or met, you'd understand. So what am i goin to do? Well i dont have a fuckin clue is the general answer. But its not fully the truth. I'm starting work as soon as possibple, to save up money for the summer and for better days. Studying is probably something i want to do in the future, but right now i just don't have the money or the will. There too much stuff to do and see..
For the summer i'll probably get my ass down to germany and meet up with some friends from oz during the worldcup. And i august i'm heading to over to the culturally challanged land of guiness, eireland, slotje! To again meet up with some more friends from oz, and to my cousins in Scotland.
Then i'll go fishing for a while in norway  ;^)

But i'll be around as much as i can or will and try to share some art with yous all

see yous around! and shine onn.. ;)



д я т °°²
I've managed 2 pieces since i got home, when ur gone so long u get alot of weird ideas so check them out if u haven't

♣ hello 6:28AM ::…
♣ PinewoodQL ::…


м  ц s i с ♫ °°³
Playlist: Just some songs i like and recomend­
-Anna Ternheim::My Secret, I say no, Better be*
-Gomez::Tijuana lady, Get myself arrested
-Gorillaz::All Alone*, Every planet we reach is dead, Dirty Harry
-Radio Department::Where damage isn't allready done, Ewan
-Oasis:: Part of the queue
-Entombed::To Ride Shoot and speak the truth*
-Rage Against the Machine::Killin in the name of
-Mary Beats Jane::Blood & Oil, Neighbourhood Psycho (:
-System of a Down::Chop suey
-Sum41::We're all to blame
-In Flames:: Only for the weak
-Looptroop::Four Elements*, Carneval, Heavy Rains, Fly Away, Trrism, Rainbow Faces
-Efterklang - Tourtous track*, Collecting shields, Step aside, Prey & Predator, Swarming
-Mettle Music::Moodswing
-Doors::Riders of the storm
-Pink Floyd::Comfortably numb, Time, Wish you were here
-Manfred Mans Earthband::Road to babylon*
-Stranglers::Golden Brown
-Katchafire::Get away

*=strongly recomended
  • Listening to: Entombed::To Ride Shoot and speak the truth
:music:..the way to go home,
im tired and i wanna go to bed.:music:

been a long year away from home for me, but as everything else in this world it has an end too

i'm comin home soon..
  • Listening to: Gorillaz - Every Planet We Reach Is Dead
:postit: :postit: :postit:
I'm now sitting in one of the smaller capital cities of Australia; Hobart, Tazmania.
I've been working and moving around quite much the last couple of months.
After i finished the job in Sydney i went back to Melbourne to start working with a friend at a company similar to the one i worked for in Sydney. (Any melbourne resident remember seeing a very anoying commercial about a big rug & manchester sale around the end of august until mid september? yeh that's where I worked).
The work itself is pretty easy labouring, not very stimulating maybe but it's money right. It's a good way to save money and still have fun i think. The compay moves around allover Australia and have these "shows" in where they sell rugs, manchester and all kinds of crap that people buy cus they think it's cheap. They pay us workers for our travels inbetween the shows. So now i've been workin for them for 4 weeks in Melbourne and now for 2 weeks in Launceston (north Tazmania).
2 days ago i arrived at Hobart after doin a little road trip around Taz with some friends. It's a beautiful Island with loads of great nature and things to see.
I'm now heading north again towards Perth and Darwin. I'm pretty fed up with the half ok weather i've been seein the last couple of months in Melbourne and Tazmania, so i'm lookin forward to come up to the warm and sunny places and periods up north. No need for big jackets or warm socks, just walk around in shorts all day, have an afternoon beer on the porch.. aah that makes me feel alive.
Thanx to the grand finals in melbourne the past weekend the flight prices to Perth have gone up quite alot for this week. So i'm takin a longer but much cheaper route to Perth. First by air from here to Melbourne, then by bus to Adelaide, then by train to Perth.. heh a good four days trip to look forward to =/
Anyway after a week in Perth i'm goin up to Darwin to work for the rugcompany for a few weeks again.. its a ruglife!
Hopefully after that show i'll have enough to take some vacation for a time. For the remaining months in Australia i've got some plans, or rather 'things i think about while visiting the bathroom'. I'm pretty much settled for a trip down to Townsville. I really want to do some more diving in Australia before i go back, and in Townsville there's a divesite thats supposed to be one of the worlds top ten; the Yongala wreck..oOoh
I'm most likely gonna spend x-mas and new years in NZ, cus there's work for me there at that time and if the company pays my plane ticket i might aswell.
I'll be back in sweden no later than the 16th of february, but right now my ticket back is booked for the 17th on january

:music: :music: :music:
I was joyfully surprised by a german guy who while we sat and talked, suddenly started playing old swedish "dansbands" music from his i-pod.. "man ska leeevaaaa, f'o'r varraandraaaa" and loads of other good "classics" =) As it turned out that he had a girlfriend who was studying in Lund in Sweden and had gotten loads of swedish music from her to help him learn the swedish language. I was laughing my ass off haha
He also got the Kent album "du jag och d'o'den" which i never got the chance to hear before i left sweden. So i quickly copied it to my player and now i'm spoiling my ears with top quality swedish music. good stuff!

:painter: :painter: :painter:
I miss designing like crazy. My mind runs on overdrive. There's so much inspiration, stuff and ideas input input input.. but not a single out in 7 months! :explosion:
I find myself drawing on everything, coke bottles underside of beds, my shoes, my guitar, but its not the same feeling

:camera: :camera: :camera:
I've got out a new camera on my insurance, since my last one was stolen from my room in Sydney. So i've managed to upload some new photos from my trip on this…

Most photo comments are in swedish, but feel free to have a look.

::until next time take care::
  • Listening to: Kent - Du Jag och D'o'den
  • Reading: Liza Marklund - G'o'mda
Here in the metropol, man i love this vibrant and colorful city.
Been workin here for the last seven & a half weeks now to save up for a coming destination, new zealand. Right now the job here is finished and i'm just waiting around in sydney and doin some typical tourist shit that i haven't had time for yet. On monday i head back to freezin' melbourne again to work for a few weeks.
Then i'll say goodbye to work for a little time and head up to harvey bay with sum irish fellas. After that, back to brisbane and just sit off the time until the flight leaves for NZ
I've added sum new shots to my swedish travel-photoalbum-thing which can be seen here:…
photos drop quality like some girls drop pants when uploaded on that site tho, ah well classy or not they're damn sweet memories..

again, nice to step in again and see all the fresh pieces and styles, keep it up boys and girls!

Electro - Efterklang - "Tripper" / Röyksopp - "Melody AM" / "The Understanding"
Hiphop/Rap - Looptroop - "Fort Europa"
Rock - Foofighters - "in your honor" / Coldplay - "X&Y"
  • Listening to: Efterklang - Tripper
On the road again, since i wrote sommin here last time, it's happend quite a lot. Last time i stopped by with sum friendly words, i were in a little shithole of a town called Stanthorpe about 250 ks from brisbane. Well i've been workin there until two weeks ago.
We finally left Stanthorpe heading for the Withsundays Islands and Airley Beach, the nature keeps amazing me so much here. Whiteheaven beach must've been one of gods private chillout place, it's just magnificent.
Our three day sailing trip felt like three hours, lots of memories that'll last a good time.

After airley beach, we turned our "vrålåk" (mitsubichi sigma) north towards Townsville and Magnetic Island, for a weeks diving coarse and other stuff.
The diving on Magnetic Island pretty much sucked ass, becuz the visabillity was kinda low from where we dived. But it was good fun to learn the basics in diving and get the certificate.
Right now im sittin up in Cairns and waiting for thursday, we're gettin out on some big motorboat/yacht, to do 10 more dives in the reef!
After that, well the goal is to ride our wreck of a car down south again (thru the whole fckin outback). Down past Ayers Rock to Adelaide, Melbourne and finally Sydney. But as some of u may know cars tend to have their own viscious little minds and plans about how and when to wreck themselves at the ultimate inconvinience of the drivers.
So well leave the plans right there.

Anyway, nice to check in again and see sum nu pieces n stuff, keep it up ppl..

A little update
Go this… to see some pics of my trip sofar (the undertexts are all in swedish tho, sry :p)
  • Listening to: Pink Floyd - Wish you were here
Finally, got around to write sum lines here..
Well, sofar so good. I've been here for like 5 weeks or so. Im in love with the nature here n the sea n beaches is like postcard-perfect. Sofar i've been in Brisbane, Byron Bay n Surfers Paradise and right now i'm in this cold little shithole called stanthorpe tryin to build up some travelling funds. It kinda sucks, but its a good place to save money and work, cus all ya do here is work, there's nothing else to do!

Me n sum frineds bought a car last week, n in about 3 weeks we're headin up for Fraser Island, Withsundays and eventually Cairns for sum divin in the great barrier! Gonna try n stay sober for that, cus i've heard its too good to miss (too expensive to).
Neway, the car is a lovely investment, now we can go to Byron or Surfers in the weekends if we want sum surf n sun. Last weekend we did both. Got a fkin parkin ticket in byron, but  whatthehell, was worth it to come away from work a couple of days.
Now im gonna go n beat sum german guys in some free badminton, loosers pay the beer after ;)

Until next time, see yous n take care all.
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.002 go see
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:iconwhastsits: :iconinfraction: :iconalphasol: :iconinter: :iconfractured-visual: :iconstrukt: :iconsneek--:
i've left out alot i know, i didnt have the time, but im sure you know who you are!


.003 remember me
soundwall by moodSwing08 fly away by moodSwing08 SUNDance by moodSwing08 Flux by moodSwing08

h e a r t BEAT by moodSwing08 e v i L by moodSwing08

Mature Content

diST. by moodSwing08
waiting 4 spring by moodSwing08


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